Sour Diesel Fem seeds (30 seeds)



Sour Diesel, or ‘Sour D’ has an almost mythical reputation among her hardcore fans and numerous repeat growers.

This sativa dominant feminised seed offering was created by crossing Super Skunk and Chemdawg, both are multiple cannabis cup winners with stellar reputations. Potency is superb, even those with a high tolerance would regard Sour Diesel as one of the strongest Marijuana strains currently available with THC levels regularly exceeding 20% in good grow room conditions. But perhaps the feature that draws most praise is the unique terpene profile which reeks of a fresh fuel spill. Buy weed online

Open a jar of cured buds and the aroma/nose appeal really is one of the best you can experience! Takes 8-9 weeks in bloom. Buy sour diesel cannabis oil online 


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