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Terp Sauce CaliGreenGold

Terp Sauce CaliGreenGold. Firstly the Dosidos Sauce is an Indica-dominant dab with genetic links to OGKB Cookie. But
The high of this terp sauce provides a laid-back sense of collective tranquility and therapeutic relief. That is to say

So, And after a few post dinner dabs of Dosidos. Not even the threat of a full moon rising can keep me awake as we head into the weekend.

Comes in 6 strains. You can use the order note box to specify your strains;

Hybrid Chez Mix
Gorilla Glue X Wester Coast Diesel
Sour Diezel X White Walker
White Lightning
Ghost train haze
West coast diesel X Sour diesel

Dosidos Terp Sauce looks like a golden glob of coagulated cannabinoid crystals suspended in a bath of terpene juice. A Live resin Sauce. Sometimes just called “terp sauce,”.

This Extract retains a wider range of the flower’s compounds than your average Waxes, Budders, or Shatters, and encourage the cannabis plant’s entourage effect. Furthermore Presented as a puddle of solidified crystals and moist terpenes, the peach-colored Sauce looks and smells good enough to eat.

High-octane gas for the mental engine, Dosidos Terp Sauce melted slowly and smoothly on my ceramic nail. Reduced to a liquid and inhaled as a vaporized cloud of relief, my dab of Dosidos Terp Sauce was just what the doctor ordered. Similarly after one quick rip of Dosidos Terp Sauce, I could feel the power and promise of inner peace

Dosidos Terp Sauce, like its pre-run flower, retains subtle notes of shortbread cookies and mint mojito when dabbed from a low-temperature nail. Dosidos Terp Sauce is a sweet and tantalizing hit at low-temps – about 400 degrees Fahrenheit (about 204.44 degrees Celsius) and had a hashier flavor profile and harsher effect on the throat when vaped from a higher-temperature nail. Most importantly

The High:
Dosidos Terp Sauce refueled the depleted imagination and soothed the body’s aching joints — a distinctive dab with a heady high. That is to say, now seeing the world with eyes closed and hearing the universe without ears, I’ve become an impartial observer of life, ready for a sound night’s sleep


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