Tidal Wave Magic Mushroom- Free Gift with $25.00 Label Purchase




Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms won the Psilocybin Cup award (yes, there actually is a Psilocybin Cup) in 2021 for Highest Potency.

Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms are a hybrid of Penis Envy and B+ Strains.

As quoted on Tripsitter, “Tidal Wave is a fast-fruiting strain with an above-average potency for a magic mushroom, which makes sense, having genetics from Penis Envy, which is said to have up to 100 percent more psilocybin than average.”

Psychedelic mushrooms are a great alternative form of medicine that helps improve the mind, body and soul.  The first use of hallucinogenic mushrooms dates back to 3,000 years in Mexico.  You will feel energetic, content, euphoric, calm, happy, a sense of well-being and will experience mild spaced-out visuals.

Psychedelic mushrooms are one of the oldest and safest traditional medicines in the world and have been for centuries and have a nice trip!  Psychedelic mushrooms are known to reduce stress and depression, stimulate brain cells growth and focus.

Be sure to start slow and in a safe environment.  It is highly recommended you do mushrooms for the first time in a safe and healthy low-risk setting with someone who has done them before and accompany you on your journey.   Do your due diligence online first and learn as much as possible.   And enjoy Magic Mushrooms from Trending Leafs!


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