Rockstar Pre-Rolls Joint



Rockstar Pre-Rolls Joint

Rockstar Pre-Rolls Joint at Green Valley CBD USA.Rockstar is an Indica dominant strain (70% Indica / 30% Sativa) with a moderate THC level range of 14-19%. This rocking strain is made from a mix of Rock Bud and Sensi Star.

This strain delivers a banging euphoric high that eliminates anxiety and a mind full of thoughts that keep circling and turning. Rockstar Pre-Rolls help alleviate stress and anxiety all while the THC slowly creeps in and aides your body with a nice sense of relaxation. If you are looking for a strain that keeps you glued to the couch, then seek no further than Rockstar. You are better off choosing a rocking chair as the sedation this strain offers is intense. You will inevitably gain the munchies as soon as the THC concentration levels out in your system. Embellish in the berry-like pine scent that drives off of each crystallized nug.

If you are looking to aid ongoing anxiety, improve the way you eat, halt an upset stomach, and create a happier you, while minimizing depression, than Rockstar will be your number one hit—plus you’ll be lit. Rockstar Pre-Rolled Joints are available in the Green Label (AAA flower) as 0.5g, 1g (packed with a Boveda to prolong ultimate freshness), singles, 5-packs, 10-packs, and 25-packs.


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